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Invest In Yourself & Design Your Life

Fall Foliage

Progress requires investment, time, focus and accountability.  And progress is imagined unless it can be measured.  That's why I offer my clients several packages that represent our mutual commitment to the process as well as the client's results.  I know my clients aren't just looking for a conversation, which is why I offer pure coaching as well as consultative coaching services.   Clients are looking for a breakthrough.  I know coaching is an investment in your success and it will pay you back in dividends.

Fall Package


Spring Package



(for past clients)


Ready for a total life overhaul? Ready to make real lasting changes in your life and finally feel unstuck? Evaluate your entire life, organize growth areas, target improvement and maximize accountability to create major breakthroughs.

6 sessions 

$110 per session




Single, 1.5 hour post-package session to help you revisit challenging areas.


1 session




Are you facing a difficult time in your life? Are you getting divorced, wanting a career change, or just feeling plain stuck? We will focus on you and your desires, and together we will design a map to fulfillment.

4 sessions 


$118 per session