"Don't listen to the person who has the answers; listen to the person who has the questions."

  - Albert Einstein

In 2017, I completed the divorce process and although it was amicable, I made many mistakes because I didn't have anyone other than a lawyer at my side.  My parents are still together (so they had no clue), my married "friends" disappeared, and I was lost, alone and floundering.  In a blink and 14 years, I was single. So, I read everything I could find about the non-legal parts of divorce, talked to numerous divorced people, and started a Meetups group to help others find comfort in their collective experiences.  I found a huge need for people to determine their future THEIR WAY, but no easy path for them to get individual help.  That's why I'm here and why this project is my passion.  I pursued my life coaching certification, and found the work closely tied to my many years working people-centered careers.

I'm trained as a mediator, lawyer, investigator, negotiator, as well as a life coach. I know the right questions to ask to help you discover why you're stuck, how to manage the realities of divorce or other challenges, and how to create a life of purpose and meaning. I  don't just share valuable resources.  I don't tell people what to do.  Through coaching you, I capture your plan to move forward and live the life you've always desired.  I help clients confront obstacles and find their own answers.  I connect deeply with clients, and work tirelessly to assure my clients' process is protected and safe. 

Accountability is another critical element.  I've been a manager and supervisor, and staked my career success on others' success.  So, I know how to hold my team accountable, and that's my plan for you as well!  Accountability equals results.  


I'm highly non-judgmental and know there is no "right answer" because I've overcome many obstacles, including divorce, realizing that I'm the only person capable of knowing what I want.  It just took me a long time to identify what that was.  Also, I walk the talk in that I work with my own team of coaches.  I am your best ally because I understand and apply what I teach, I've been there, and I know the questions to ask you to generate results.  

I am constantly learning, refining, and improving my craft, content and techniques. And I have my own team of coaches and supporters, who hold me accountable.  If coaching works for me, I know it will work for you!  

I'm affordable.  My packages are middle-tier, compared to what's available in the marketplace.  I deliver incredible value.  


"Personal and professional life is difficult to navigate.  I’ve been fortunate to know Simon over the past 15 years and immediately realized his skill for analyzing any situation.  The reason I have depended on him for so much professional and personal guidance is not due to his analyzation skills, but rather how he applies information with humanity and kindness.  Life demands an accepting, soft, kind skillset that Simon helped me reach in difficult situations.  Between the facts and the interpersonal skillset that Simon projects, I leave our conversations with a clearer view to reach my own decisions.  Simon helps me clear the fog that life creates.  Thank You for helping me gain clarity Simon!"

Silas W.

Operations Manager

Ultra Inventory 

"I have been fortunate to work with Simon and can say that I wouldn't be where I am today without his coaching.  Simon is incredibly gifted in the craft of coaching.  He is patient, compassionate, empathetic, and has a true ability to listen attentively.  He understands his client and leads them in the direction they need to go, to create real and lasting change in their life"

Rina S. 

Public school teacher 

"There are mistakes that we make in our lives that hinder our ability to live in the present. For me I carried mine like the scarlet letter. I felt such shame and I did not allow myself to be forgiven. I remember confiding in Simon . . . . He encouraged me to be my authentic extremely funny self and allow myself to reach my full potential because I was worth it. I had value and deserved to live my best life looking forward because the possibilities were endless. This is only one story. His wisdom is constant and infinite. I am forever grateful. He is my Sensei of life."

Vesna M. 

Manager, public sector agency 

"My divorce wrecked my sense of identify, damaged my confidence and left me drowning in self-doubt.  I was in shock and struggling to figure out what it meant for me.  Who had I become? I blamed myself for what happened. Guilt held me back.  I knew I was still a father, but even that was new because I was parenting alone.  But on a bigger scale, losing my husband/provider/partner status left me floating alone in the ocean.  I was stuck and off track.  Simon helped me really understand why I couldn't move forward; not by telling me what to do or lecturing me, but by asking me powerful questions that revealed what I really already knew deeply. I think coaching helps people get outside their own head and make better decisions to achieve. Simon's skill as a coach is remarkable. I'll be coming back for more!"

Trent J.

University professor